What type of slings do you have in the Library? Can I reserve a specific sling in advance? Can I see your stock list?

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We have a wide variety of slings and carriers in the library, which can be used for newborns up to pre-schoolers. We will help you to find the sling or carrier which suits your family best. You can see a guide to different sling and carrier types here.

You can view our current stock list here . If there is a specific sling which is in stock you can ask for this to be put aside for you, if you need help with fitting you will need to book an appointment, however if you have used the sling before and just wish to collect you don’t. If the specific carrier or sling you have in mind is not available we are usually able to offer a suitable alternative.

If the sling is out on hire, please contact us and we can advise when it is due back. We are relying on the current hirer returning it on time!