Why Babywearing Matters by Rosie Knowles – book review

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Why Babywearing Matters by Rosie Knowles, published by Pinter and Martin

Rosie Knowles is well known in the babywearing community through her work at the Sheffield Sling Surgery, and she has now literally written the book on it! There are 11 chapters including why carrying mattters to babies and families, the efects on wider society, getting started with carrying, and common concerns.

Rosie is a GP, and in the early chapters her background as a health care professional is obvious . She writes in a very clear way, and I found the information to be accessable to the reader. It provides evidence-based reasoning behind babywearing, along with quotes from parents to make the theory more personal and relatable.

The later chapters detail the diferent types of slings available, and is here that my only critisism of the book arrises. There are only a few line drawings and some photographs of wearers and babies with different types of sling, and these are not labled which may confuse those not already familiar.

For me the most useful chapter was Common Concerns, as it covers the very issues that those who babywear are quizzed on by family, friends, professionals and on occasion strangers! These include Do slings create clingey children and feeding in slings.

I would recommend this book to new baby wearers, those who have a longer standing interest and experience, and to health care professionals involved in the care of babies and their carers. It is an brief and interesting overviews of baby wearing, and has something to say to all of us.

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