Wirral Sling Library small group session

Wirral Sling Library has an inventory of over 80 different slings and carriers which are available for hire. You are also able to access help and advice on using a sling you already own.

Wirral Sling Library holds a monthly bookable session on a Monday 10am – noon in the Cafe area of the St James Centre, Laird Street, Birkenhead CH41 7AL –  https://wirralslinglibrary.as.me/schedule.php

New Brighton is our Tuesday monthly venue at The Coffee Roast @ Vale Park – this is a pre-bookable session https://wirralslinglibrary.as.me/schedule.php

If you are nearer to Bebington, you may want to BOOK IN for the pre-bookable session  session on a Thursday 10am – noon in Bear Hunt Books, 2A Church Road, Bebington  https://wirralslinglibrary.as.me/schedule.php

Monthly Saturday session are held in Bidston – this is a pre-bookable session, so please keep an eye on Facebook for more info, or contact me

Please see this page for more details on the drop in library service.

We manage our library using an electronic system called MyTurn. If you wish to hire a sling you can create an account and add a payment card which acts as a deposit. The library helper will then check out your sling or carrier, and process any returns.