What is a sling library?

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A sling library exists to help people find the right sling or carrier to enable them to carry children from newborn up to toddlers and preschoolers. A sling library will have a wide variety of slings and carriers in their stock, and have a far bigger range than any high street shop. Here at Wirral Sling Library we have more than 80 slings and carriers in our inventory from 26 different brands!

Wirral Sling Library provides services in three different ways, please see the individual pages for more details.

Consultations – A one to one appointment with a trained Babywearing Consultant in our Slings & Support space near Arrowe Park.

Workshops – Small groups can learn together led by a trained Babywearing Consultant on a set topic. You can join one of regular workshops or have one specially tailored to your group of friends, for example.

Wirral Sling Library -a pre-bookable Small group session, where you will be assisted by a Babywearing Consultant or Peer Supporter.

Please see available dates, and book online here https://wirralslinglibrary.as.me/schedule.php