What happens at a Consultation?

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A consultation will involve a one to one session with one of our Babywearing Consultants at our Slings & Support Space. You will be asked to provide some information in advance to allow us to tailor the session to our requirements.

During the session we will discuss safety, safety, positioning, the benefits of carrying and the types of slings available. We will also look at which sling might suit you the best. If you already have a sling we will help you to use it. You will then be given the opportunity to practice using your choice of sling with one of our demonstration dolls and/or your child so that you feel comfortable and confident in using the sling.

After the session we will provide any follow up information by email as agreed during the session. You are welcome to contact us for any further support.

You can book a consultation online at https://wirralslinglibrary.as.me/schedule.php