Can’t I just watch videos on youTube?

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There are now thousands of videos on youTube showing how to use different types of slings and carriers. So why would you bother to come to a sling library session, or book a Workshop or Consultation?

  1. Our sling library sessions are staffed by trained and insured Peer Supporters and Consultants. While a large proportion of videos are made by those with babywearing qualifications many are made by enthusiastic amateurs. Their techniques may or may not be safe or comfortable.
  2. Most videos are made with a demo doll for a good reason… the most variable part of carrying a child is the child them self. In a face to face situation we can work both with a doll, and with your own child.
  3. Being a parent can be isolating. Coming to a Sling Library session or workshop will get you out of the house and meeting up with other families with similar interests. Our library session even has a cafe with cake!

Following a sling library session, workshop or consultation we are able to signpost you to trusted videos to act as a reminder for what you have been shown.