Consultations – one to one

A one to one Consultation can help you save time, energy and money in the journey to finding the right sling or carrier for you and your child. See here for our Blog post on why a Consultation could be the right choice for you.

No matter which service you chose

1. You will be asked to provide details in advance of the Consultation to ensure that the session is tailored to suit your situation.

2. One of our trained and insured Baby-wearing Consultants will visit you in your own home on the Wirral at a time convenient to you.

3. We will discuss safety and comfort in using slings and carrier for both the child and the caregiver.

4. You will be able to practice using one of our demo dolls and/or your own child as appropriate.

5. If you wish to hire a sling you have used this will be arranged, you will be able to keep it that day.

6. You will receive a follow up email with any resources that will be helpful to you.

Here at Wirral Sling Library we are able to offer the following services –

One to One Consultation – up to 90 Minutes. This session is tailored entirely to the needs of you and your family. The Cost is £30

Bump to Baby Consultation – A 45 minute consultation whilst you are pregnant, followed by a follow up visit when baby has arrived. The cost is £35.

Mini-Consultation – a 45 minute consultation to deal with something specific such as trouble shooting an existing sling or carrier you have, trying something new from the library, or learning to back carry in a buckle carrier. The cost is £20.

We have daytime appointments available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which are available to book online. For appointments at other times, please Contact Us.